The goal of a Research Cluster (RC) is to bring together a group of students to engage and research on a topic through the lens of PPE. The research topic of the cluster would mostly be in sync with the broader theme of the IJPPE. However, students are free to go beyond that. Each RC would be working for one semester. By the end of it, every RC would be producing a full academic research paper, which will then be featured in the IJPPE. 

Each RC will be expected to work closely, meet regularly (once every 2 weeks perhaps) to discuss ideas, review each other’s work, suggest reading material, present arguments etc. 

This is the first time we are experimenting with this form of a research initiative. The aim is to engage with material that is interdisciplinary in nature and formulate opinions and arguments. In addition to the research experience, the cluster members will also have a published work to their credit. You can find out the themes and works of each of the RCs below.

· Monsoon 2021 ·

topics coming soon!!