The International Journal for Philosophy, Politics & Economics (IJPPE) is a student-led, peer-reviewed, bi-annual academic journal. We are looking for originality in thought, the ability to comprehensively and logically present arguments, use creative or empirical evidence in support of one’s arguments as well as attempts at delving into the intersectionality between the disciplines. Each issue will consist of academic papers, review essays and featured works. 


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Theme: Rationality

Rationality as a concept has a wide appeal to the three disciplines. In economics, rationality is the foundation that serves as the tenet for its many arguments. In political science, the many actors are interconnected through a plethora of complex decisions and rationality is the thread that connects them to their actions. Philosophy is the discipline that rightfully questions, critically evaluates, and fundamentally answers the myriad of ways in which rationality can be interpreted. Over time, many scholars across the world have produced contesting notions of rationality, testing it against different situations, theories, notions and actions. 

For our first issue, the editorial board invites rising scholars to challenge different perspectives of rationality. Define or defend a notion of rationality from an interdisciplinary perspective and present your argument in the form of an academic essay or a review essay. You can explore different areas of the three disciplines and connect it with the overarching theme of Rationality, directly or indirectly. We look forward to reading unique, critical pieces of original work. For more information on submission and writing guidelines, please head to our ‘Write for Us‘ page.