We are India’s first student-run Academic Society for the interdisciplinary study of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Nascent in its inception, the Ashoka PPE Society aims to bring academic rigour and weight to the study of PPE and facilitate discourse, connecting contemporary events to the theoretical framework established by the discipline.

PPE society logo

Our Logo

The logo of the Ashoka PPE Society represents the close interconnections between the Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. The bottom part of the logo represents a polity. It stands to illustrate the institutions and entities that the world constitutes, something that political science deals closely with. Further, the red graph line with an upward trend portrays the potential that the PPE as a discipline holds, tying it with the idea of growth. Although economics spans across a lot of areas, it also represents a constant struggle towards growth. Lastly, a neutral representation of the Myth of Sisyphus embodies the spirit of constant hustle and endurance that we as a society emulate in our quest to bring more academic weight to the study of PPE in India and abroad.

faculty advisors

Danny Weltman 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Ph.d. university of California, San diego.

Matthew H. Baxter

assistant professor of political science
ph.d. university of california, berkley


sabyasachi das

assistant professor of economics

ph.d. Yale university

The Team

Deepanshu SIngal

Co-Founder and President


Tejaswini Vondivillu

Co-Founder and President


Aviral Anand

Head of Events

Shireen Kalra-small

Shireen Kalra

co- head of Communications


Manvendra Krishna

co- head of Communications


Katyayni Singh

Head of Social Media


Avyay IRde

Head of website design

Mukundan Alexander-small

Mukundan A.

Research Cluster head


Sharan Kaur hunjan

Research Cluster  Head


Aarushi Kataria

Research Cluster Head


Shagnik Deb Roy

Co-editor of featured works


Riyosha sharma

co-editor of featured works